Sport Combat Is Still Sport

Like many people over the Memorial Day weekend I took time out to remember our nation’s fallen heroes, but afterwards I went to a friend’s house to enjoy a barbecue.

The food was great and except for the whining of a few liberals I had a great time. At one point a friend of a friend came over to pick my brain about martial arts. He wanted to improve his health and get back into shape without injuring his back again.

He wanted to learn a good sport martial art that would give him a workout, but also teach him 파워볼 self defense. He looked confused when I told him that he wouldn’t be learning self defense, and the best he could hope for from most martial arts schools was a good workout.

The fact is most people don’t realize that sport combatives like boxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling and fencing are just sports.

I am not taking anything away from them by any means.

All take a lot of skill, training, and heart to compete in, but at the end of the day they only simulate real life combat.

In boxing for example, there are rules governing what moves a fighter can and cannot use in a match.


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